spongeposh harempants

D.I.L.L.V.B.G.A.F.? does it look like victoria beckham gives a fuck? i love this woman. she can do no wrong (except going blonde.) she scored the ultimate baldwin, got the boobs, and she didn’t even have to lift a finger. you won’t be seeing her on a episode of ‘where are they now’ anytime soon. her latest project: voice-overs for nickelodeon! her sons are probably so stoked. i mean, who doesn’t love that goddamn sponge? she’s playing the voice of queen amphitrite in an episode of spongebob squarepants. i wonder if she’ll eat a krabby patty or go jellyfishing. she’s a total babe, even as a cartoon mermaid. this episode airs on monday, july 5. i will be watching it while nursing a patriotic hangover.


lost judy

sawyer reading judy blume on lost

i’m watching season two of lost and in episode 16 sawyer is reading are you there god? it’s me margaret by judy blume.