r.i.p. aaliyah

i can’t believe it’s been nine years since she has passed! i still remember the day it happened, ironically i had just stepped off of a plane and heard the terrible news. she’s still the most beautiful woman that has existed in r&b (in this judy’s opinion) her music always brings me back to some really great memories. i honestly do think her music is timeless. she is forever missed.


love aaliyah… i remember waking up to the news on saturday morning while getting ready to go to subway and be an artist. the “making the video: rock the boat” should be on DVD. ultimate summer jam… best CGI water since waterfalls



speaking of babes…

last night, i watched ‘when you’re strange‘ a film about the doors. definitely one of my all times favorites bands. the film is pretty epic. after seeing this, i dont think too much was exaggerated in the doors film that oliver stone made in the earlier nineties. how sexy is jim morrison? such a classic hunk, bedroom eyes, great jaw line, those lips! mmmmm! ¬†thanks jim for making this a very happy friday!