I’m back!

I apologize for my absence, it has taken two weeks for me to recover from my two-week destination wedding vacation. I have SO many new products to review.

The makeup that I did for the wedding turned out amazing! I was so happy with the outcome despite being rushed, dripping in sweat for 5 hours, and an uncooperative false eyelash. I brought an entire makeup bag and only touched up my lipstick a few times. So glad someone captured me in my true essence, reapplying lipstick with anything that has a reflection! The honeymoon is officially over, now it’s March and time to get back to being luscious.



baldwin overload

where is my DeLorean time machine? i want to travel back to 1978 and i want to work for playgirl. i recently was gifted a vintage issue of playgirl magazine, the fifth anniversary collector’s issue to be exact. i’m beyond excited. i am so honored to own this and can’t believe a sweet lil’ judy was able to give this gem up! i’ve always believed that i belonged in the 70s and reading this magazine confirms this. all of the photos are tastefully sexy and the articles are still relevant 32 years later! the men are so beautiful! they look so natural, drinking wine, playing the piano, all with flaccid penises! they even have body hair! i prefer these men, hands down, compared to the guys they are featuring now. i dont think beefcakes with waxed chests are sexy. give me a simple man, take me to ’78.

playgirl, june 1978, vol. vi no. 1

i wanna be on the playgirl diet!

sup steve, you sexy

relaxin' with some vino

chillin' on the beach, thinking about the budget crisis

my mother is also a taurus, i hope she read this.

LBR, those are rolling papers

ernest and his sophisticats

clearly, ernest hemingway was a pu$$y magnet. between four ex-wives and nearly sixty cats at his home, i’d actually call him a connoisseur. have you seen the man? totally a baldwin from birth. i might be mildly obsessed with him. beautiful home, total hottie, loves cats. add great in the sack and you’ve got my dream man! i tried to meet every cat, but it was impossible. can you believe they’ve all descended from ONE cat. what a stud. if you are ever in key west, stop by his home/museum for a fun and educational trip! it is more than worth it.

ernest hemingway home & museum
907 whitehead street
key west, florida 33040

Bud, Sweat, and Queers

via JustJared

Summer is officially here and not much can quench my thirst. To say that I’m in heat is an understatement. I need a Donkey to make me Shrek. I need a Woody to Buzz my Lightyear.

For the time being, staring at these images of Jamie Dornan is enough to drive me crazy in the best way.

p.s. i’m in full agreement with my fellow judy! don’t forget these lil babes…

visionaire magazine

visionaire magazine

bend me over, bocanegra

I think all three of us Judy’s can always agree on one thing: A SEXY ASS MAN. Let me confess, the only reason I keep up with sports is so that I have something to talk to dudes about. I have a good memory and I can regurgitate stats. But I can also, remember who is sexy and what number is on their jersey. The only reason I’ve been watching the World Cup is to figure out which nation has the best looking men. So far, I’m gonna say The Netherlands. Can you believe me? Thanks to Interview Magazine I don’t have to watch any USA games to see who is hot, they’ve already compiled a list!! My personal favorite is defender,Carlos Bocanegra. This tall glass of water can front tackle anytime he’d like! (See! I know my lingo!)