Luscious Libations: Leah’s Birthday

My friend Leah is the coolest. She always has the best recipes, hosts great parties, makes shelves out of ladders (pre-Pinterest) and is just ALWAYS keeping it real. Also, I have never seen a polish smudge in her nails. She really knows whats up when it comes to staying cool while taking care of domestic business. (It’s a compliment, Leah!!!) I’ve learned so much from her over the years and pretty much copy her when I can! Her birthday was yesterday and every year, it is a reminder that Summer is ON THE WAY.



I received really nice popsicle molds as a wedding present and had been dying to use them! Since Leah is a popsicle enthusiast, I had the great idea of making booze popsicles for her birthday! Personally, I am a huge fan of adding booze to recipes. (Obviously, I love a jello shot and a cupcake with some Bailey’s.) She had recently gifted me a bottle of Hendricks Gin and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t opened it yet. (I’m a retired party girl, what can I say?) A couple years ago, I was bartending at a Latin Caribbean restaurant and my friend Sergio, who hails from Oaxaca told me about a drink that people would make back home. Gin + Mint + Coconut Water. I am a coconut water JUNKIE and pimp that shit out so hard. I strongly believe in all of its benefits. It has a slight sweetness that makes it great to add to cocktails and it’s extra hydrating as well. When Leah told me that she had never had coconut water before, I was shocked. So naturally, I had to sneak it in the recipe. The recipe also includes grapefruit mint from my front yard, lemon juice, and honey. It’s a Bee’s Knees with a fun twist. They’re très magnifique.


Leah’s Birthday Popsicles

Juice of 2 lemons

1/3 cup mint

3 oz Hendrick’s Gin (because who drinks rail liquor anymore)

2 1/2 tablespoons honey (local, of course!)

2 cups nectar of the gods coconut water (no coconut bits, FYI)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and BLE ND THAT SHIT. Pour into popsicle molds. I was only planning to make six but made ten 3oz popsicles. Freeze. ENJOY.

(If only the mint didn’t settle on the bottom. Anybody have tips for that??)





spot dessert bar

bangin treats from spot dessert bar, east village

first course: dessert tapas

1. white miso semifreddo: olive oil cake, raspberries, candied sesame. (no picture)

2. avocado parfait: calamansi (citrus) froth, chili cocoa craker, evoo

3. yuzu eskimo: strawberries, oreo soil, passion fruit

second course: vanilla caramel vietnamese coffee

third course: valrhona chocolate brownie (no picture)

everything was delicious. my favorite was #1 and the cupcake was bangin! highly suggest this place. great for sharing.

avocado parfait

yuzu eskimo

vanilla caramel vietnamese coffee

food coma

the other day, i came across this picture of a krispy kreme cheeseburger on today show’s tumblr. with my sister in town, my diet changed along with my routine… all of which has prompted this post on indulgent foods.

sweet symphony

i continued my research on the krispy kreme burger and found this CBS video from the summer of 2006. the gateway grizzlies, a very minor league baseball team outside of St. Louis, seems to be the originator of the now infamous krispy kreme bacon cheeseburger as a way to lure patrons.

this in combo with the hot dogs i ate at coney island, hundreds of m&ms from m&m world, cannolli and dacquoise from ferrara’s bakery […] sent me on another tangent to ben&jerry’s website to find peanut butter ice cream. just PB, not PB and chocolate. i found a close runner-up: peanut brittle! which sounds awesome. plus, this cool feature: a flavor locator so you can find out what stores in your area carry the one you want. all this got me thinking: krispy kreme x ben&jerry

gotta have it

side note: new maple blonde is bangin. especially as a chipwich. i made peanut butter, chocolate chip, pecan cookies a couple weeks ago. combined that with maple blonde ice cream. as a sandwich, unbelievable. diabetic-coma.

btw, for my birthday, i want a cookie puss from carvel. did i mention, when i was little, i wanted to be a flavor creator at baskin robbins? i saw a feature on reading rainbow or something and was sold! obviously, that never panned out. so i’ll take an ice cream maker for christmas and d.i.y.

cookie puss


vodka on the lox

smoked salmon vodka is the closest i’ll ever get to being a lesbian. do you realize how awful your breath is after a bagel with lox? it smells like the nordic sea. the only thing i ever want my vodka to taste like is cranberry and a little bit of lime. i totally enjoy flavored vodka, they can be sweet (stoli razz) and spicy (absolut peppar) or even healthy (van gogh acai-blueberry)! but what are the benefits of smoked salmon vodka? can you consider it breakfast, if you mix it with orange juice? alaska distillery is responsible for creating this vodka and guess where they are located….wasilla, alaska. only the meth capital of the last frontier and hometown to everyone’s favorite bratz doll, sarah palin. look guys, the only worthwhile thing to come out of your town are levi johnston’s abs, but i appreciate the creativity.

i got that fire, i’m hollerin’

chick-fil-a debuted their new spicy chicken sandwich on monday. it was delicious. i got a #4 spicy chicken deluxe with pepper jack cheese! i’m gonna give it a spice level of an 8. i will definitely be eating this again. a lot of people are debating the legitimacy of this sandwich and all i have to say is my tastebuds don’t want to argue, i liked this!

just a few things that you should know:

1. i’ve never had wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, i don’t like how their chicken is breaded.
2. i don’t actually like chicken. i only eat it fried or as chicken salad.
3. the chick-fil-a cow is my favorite mascot.

fire dept. on hand for spicy emergencies

wait, NO MORE

add polynesian + mayo, minus the pickle ( i forgot )

what a trooper!

gettin’ my festival on

one of my favorite things about richmond is the food. we are so lucky to have so many innovative restaurants and creative chefs in this town. i have lived in richmond for six years and have never attended broad appetit. over 50 local restaurants are involved in sampling some of the tastiest dishes from their menu. and everything is $3! i don’t know why broad appetit never appealed to me but i was drawn this year, when i heard my favorite restaurant, acacia, were selling soft-shell crab sliders. i started the festival with a visit to tarrant’s, where i got a fish taco & a limeade.

mahi-mahi taco, tarrant's cafe

i made my way to the acacia booth and got my slider! i missed out on the tempura fried cheese stuffed squash blossoms. bummer 😦 but it was everything that i dreamed of and more. why are soft shell crabs so creepy, yet so delicious? if you aren’t into soft-shell crabs, TRY AGAIN.

soft shell crab slider w/ jicama-mango slaw & cumin-lime aioli

as we were walking by a few booths, mezzanine’s menu caught my eye. they had an arugula & watermelon salad and if you don’t know, i make a mean arugula, watermelon, & feta salad. it’s my summer staple. we order the salad and realized that it comes with a grilled lamb chop! can you believe it was only $3? hands down, this was the best meal of broad appetit. i have only eaten at mezzanine once and this left me wondering why, i don’t go there more often.

grilled lamb chop w/ an arugula & watermelon salad

i couldn’t believe i let myself have a gorge fest a week before my beach vacation and to make matter worse, i went to the 34th annual greek festival and stuffed myself greek the day before! such a awesome weekend of great food and people-watching, if only it wasn’t so damn hot.