happy birthday garth + pigeon

5 years ago, these babies ditched the streets and found their way to 2123. if i could give their mother some treats, i would. they are the ultimate cat bad asses and i wish them a very happy birthday!

garth & pigeon, 2005

garth + pigeon, 2005

garth, 2008

pigeon, 2007

garth, 2010, suck it

pigeon, 2010, dont fuck with me

ernest and his sophisticats

clearly, ernest hemingway was a pu$$y magnet. between four ex-wives and nearly sixty cats at his home, i’d actually call him a connoisseur. have you seen the man? totally a baldwin from birth. i might be mildly obsessed with him. beautiful home, total hottie, loves cats. add great in the sack and you’ve got my dream man! i tried to meet every cat, but it was impossible. can you believe they’ve all descended from ONE cat. what a stud. if you are ever in key west, stop by his home/museum for a fun and educational trip! it is more than worth it.

ernest hemingway home & museum
907 whitehead street
key west, florida 33040