Honey Moon Judy


Four years ago, this blog was started by my friends Adam, Noel, and I. We shared our interests and opinions on things like trips to Key West, hot World Cup athletes, and cute cat videos. We came on pretty strong, but as life would have it, the Luscious momentum waned. I’ve been longing for a Luscious revival and as the Universe would have it, the three Judy’s are back together again! Our momentum is waxing, baby! Cosmic! With a big trip to Key West this year and the World Cup 2014 bringing NU HOTTIES, I am so pleased to see Luscious Judy come full circle.

To complete the Luscious Judy trifecta, I would like to welcome Adam back to the blog!! Not only does this B provide me with beauty products, conspiracy theories, and pictures of sexy babes, he is my astrological advisor. Ruled by Jupiter, this full-blown Sagittarius is honest, generous, and always keeping’ it posi. (He made it official by getting an astro tat last fall.) Since I am prone to only caring about Tauro happenings these days. Adam is always here to remind me that Virgos are drama queens and Pisces’ aren’t actually that bad. With this month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, who better than to hit us with that astro-realness than this truth-speaker?


I think tattifying my SAG life, with an upward arrow pointing toward one star under my left arm, really solidified my true archer – focused, direct and without waiver. From that point last fall while traveling in Milan, I made a deal with myself to look forward and stay in motion. I started asking bigger questions to myself about my relationships, my work, and – for real – the cosmos!

As tonight marks the Full (Honey) Moon, I look back on the past six months and honestly have felt the cosmos like no other time. Without going into every luscious detail, I will say between Mercury going into retrograde earlier this year and then the two Full Moons of April, I have felt the cosmic effects. The ASTROTWINS say that Mercury Retrograde allows us to renew and review. From work to home, all avenues have been reviewed, renewed and reworked testing my ability to navigate the rockiest of waters. Today I can say the cosmos have helped me ride the waves of uncertainty and stay strong and true to my archy ways.

While Mercury Retrograde approaches once more, I look forward to reviewing the past 6 months and resting for a moment at the place I’ve landed. I think this is a time to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the challenges that lie ahead. This may be daunting for some. However, being true to the past reminds us that we’ve hit rough patches before and made it out alive. Why should the future be any different?

xx, A


Contrary to what you may see in the sky, the Moon will only be FULL at 12:11am on 6/13/14. Literally, one moment. Just a few days shy of the Summer Solstice, this ‘Honey Moon’ got it’s name from the golden hue that it casts from it’s super southern position in the sky. Rumor has it that the term ‘honeymoon’ is derived from this lunar event, as marriage was often compared to the phases of the Moon, back in the day. A wedding and a Full Moon were believed to go hand in hand, as the brightest time in a relationship. Now ain’t that SPECIAL. Regardless of what you believe, we were so inspired by the HONEY MOON that we collaborated on a playlist here at Luscious Judy. It has a little something for everyone, even the ASTROHIPSTERS. ENJOY !


Album Review: Mariah Carey Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse

First things first, I would like to welcome a founding member of Luscious Judy back to the blog!! When it comes to music and pop culture, Noel is THE GURU. For almost 10 years now, I have relied on him to supply me (and our friend-family) with the hits, before the radio gets ’em, before they’re played out. He knows which celebrity rumors are true/false and that Beyoncé is in fact, a member of the Illuminati. A lover of booty poppin, this B has an affinity for belting out R&B hits in his car (RIP EXPLORER) while also saving room on the mix CD for Reba McIntyre and Rilo Kiley. Eclectic does not even begin to describe his taste in music. WELCOME BACK, BISH. (Find him on twitter, @KettleCooked)



Album Review: Mariah Carey Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse

We’ve been waiting for Mariah to make her return and give us the soundtrack to life. Me. I Am Mariah is a good album that, like the best albums do,  gets better with repeat listens.  Songs I was on the fence about evolve into favorites.  It’s a more subtle M.C. then we’ve heard lately(subway gowns and all) and truly balances old and new Mariah in a way that should please every Lamb. By not joining forces with today’s hot act, but choosing features that come with a reminiscent feel built in, she comes off confident not desperate. She’s whispering nostalgia while staying relevant. Pretty impressive for a pretty and impressive artist on her 14th studio album. ‘ The Elusive Chanteuse’ has shades of Carole King and samples from Wu-Tang Clan, yet it comes off authentic and effortless. The album is incredibly cohesive given the amount of producers, 12 total, and that is to Carey’s credit behind the scenes and as a performer. Music is Mariah’s science and she is the Einstein of her peers.

Luscious Tracks:

Cry – Emotional, piano led ballad that builds beautifully and let’s Mariah show us her range and control.

Faded – My choice for single. Mariah reflects on a past lover, over a Mike WiLL Made It beat that knocks and sways throughout. The kind of song  that liquor and reminiscing makes perfect. You end up drunk(faded) and singing the shit out of every lyric.  The last minute of the song is my favorite moment on the album.

Make it Look Good –  The kind of song that sounds like summer. I love songs about having a crush and Mariah captures the jubilation. The song has  interpolations of “Let Me Make Love to You” made famous by The O’Jays and featuresStevie Wonder going solo on the harmonica. The best song on the album, just blissful, luscious fun. Should be the biggest hit on the album.

Meteorite – Produced by Q-tip and Mariah. The disco beat lifts off and Mariah takes flight. The kind of song you put on when you’re getting ready to go out.

Money ($*/…) –  Hit-Boy produced slow bumper about the fact that money means nothing if you don’t have your boo.




Luscious Libations: Leah’s Birthday

My friend Leah is the coolest. She always has the best recipes, hosts great parties, makes shelves out of ladders (pre-Pinterest) and is just ALWAYS keeping it real. Also, I have never seen a polish smudge in her nails. She really knows whats up when it comes to staying cool while taking care of domestic business. (It’s a compliment, Leah!!!) I’ve learned so much from her over the years and pretty much copy her when I can! Her birthday was yesterday and every year, it is a reminder that Summer is ON THE WAY.



I received really nice popsicle molds as a wedding present and had been dying to use them! Since Leah is a popsicle enthusiast, I had the great idea of making booze popsicles for her birthday! Personally, I am a huge fan of adding booze to recipes. (Obviously, I love a jello shot and a cupcake with some Bailey’s.) She had recently gifted me a bottle of Hendricks Gin and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t opened it yet. (I’m a retired party girl, what can I say?) A couple years ago, I was bartending at a Latin Caribbean restaurant and my friend Sergio, who hails from Oaxaca told me about a drink that people would make back home. Gin + Mint + Coconut Water. I am a coconut water JUNKIE and pimp that shit out so hard. I strongly believe in all of its benefits. It has a slight sweetness that makes it great to add to cocktails and it’s extra hydrating as well. When Leah told me that she had never had coconut water before, I was shocked. So naturally, I had to sneak it in the recipe. The recipe also includes grapefruit mint from my front yard, lemon juice, and honey. It’s a Bee’s Knees with a fun twist. They’re très magnifique.


Leah’s Birthday Popsicles

Juice of 2 lemons

1/3 cup mint

3 oz Hendrick’s Gin (because who drinks rail liquor anymore)

2 1/2 tablespoons honey (local, of course!)

2 cups nectar of the gods coconut water (no coconut bits, FYI)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and BLE ND THAT SHIT. Pour into popsicle molds. I was only planning to make six but made ten 3oz popsicles. Freeze. ENJOY.

(If only the mint didn’t settle on the bottom. Anybody have tips for that??)