Memorial Day Weekend is generally known as the unofficial kick-off to the Summer. A pedicure is absolutely essential in preparing for summertime. I have been frequenting a new spot in my neighborhood called Jennifer Nails. They are rough around the edges and most of the time, you can get a pretty bomb pedicure. I am generally known for smudging wet nails repeatedly and it usually takes a few touch ups before I learn my lesson. Now I bring my own polish to the salon, so that I may touch up chips and bumps at my leisure. My nail lady seemed a little salty when I said I had my own polish. I just bought this color and they don’t have a large selection of nail polishes from this decade. They literally want me to choose from frosty blues of the late 1990s and every shade of stripper hot pink. This got me thinking….is it rude to bring your own nail polish to the nail salon? Is it like bringing your own silverware to a dinner party or like *trying* to bring your own water to a restaurant? Maybe I’m over thinking it but I don’t want to offend my #1 pedi mama. What do you guys think?


Essie Neon 2013 collection ‘DJ play that song’


yes to blueberries.

I might be luscious but I am also a little lazy. Yesterday I was on a mission for new face wash and a new liquid eyeliner. I had to live with my previous poor choices (which I will be featuring soon) of a basic cleanser and a mediocre clay pot liner, I was ready for redemption. A lazy spell caused a 4 hour departure, delaying my shopping plans. The only option I had for skin care and makeup was Target.

Of course, I wanted to stick with organic, natural products that I’m glad Target has devoted a section to. I chose to go with the Yes to line. The Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh is a daily cleanser formulated with coconut and blueberries. It is 99% natural and paraben-free. I used it with my Clarisonic after taking off my makeup and had to wash my face with a different cleanser because my face didn’t feel totally clean. And that is WITH my Clarisonic. I used it this morning with my barehands, it still felt like there was a film on my face. I think the film feeling comes from beeswax used to make the cleanser. I will, of course, continue using it until I run out, in hopes that conditions improve. Plus I have too much pride to return face wash to Target.


what’s in your beach bag?

i just spent my 27th birthday in miami! what a great way to kick off summer 2013. here are my favorite beach bag essentials for staying luscious on south beach !


1. shishedo ultimate sun protection cream
spf 50+, protects against crucial rays

2. marc by marc jacobs d-frame sunglasses
tiger print, fav sunnies

3. makeup forever aqua shadow
waterproof! 20E-pearly taupe, apply it to the waterline for bright-eyed look

4. maybelline baby lips
this lip balm is a duh, must-have at this point. peach kiss is my jam, makes my lips feel luscious!

5. vichy thermal spa water
sometimes you need a little misting to cool you down on the beach.

6. coco cafe
luv this drink. great for early morning beach sessions and catching that early buzz while staying hydrated!


Luscious Judy