i’m the bitch you love to hate

i’m not gonna lie, this song is super catchy and the video is beautiful. i will probably put it on a mix cd. in my mind, this is kelis’ millenium version of “i will survive”. when i first heard that kelis was transitioning into dance/pop music, i was jazzed. i love club bangers. but can you throw some glitter on a hood rat and call her a diva? i haven’t really figured that out yet. the twink inside of me wants to say yes and while the effort is appreciated, i have to wonder….will i ever see kelis flipping tables with kool-aid dyed streaks again? that’s the bitch i know and i love. doesn’t she remember when cher did this in 1998? (believe, pre t-pain auto-tune) or madonna in 2008 (hard candy)? they both hit a huge jackpot with their club/dance shift but have they done anything else since? …..no. when your songs can be remixed a million different ways, i’d find it hard to try and come out with something better. is kelis ready for discotheque lockdown?

(judys, tell me what you think, correct me if you think i’m wrong)


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