i got that fire, i’m hollerin’

chick-fil-a debuted their new spicy chicken sandwich on monday. it was delicious. i got a #4 spicy chicken deluxe with pepper jack cheese! i’m gonna give it a spice level of an 8. i will definitely be eating this again. a lot of people are debating the legitimacy of this sandwich and all i have to say is my tastebuds don’t want to argue, i liked this!

just a few things that you should know:

1. i’ve never had wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, i don’t like how their chicken is breaded.
2. i don’t actually like chicken. i only eat it fried or as chicken salad.
3. the chick-fil-a cow is my favorite mascot.

fire dept. on hand for spicy emergencies

wait, NO MORE

add polynesian + mayo, minus the pickle ( i forgot )

what a trooper!


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